In the beautiful surroundings of rural Chichester, myself and David had the pleasure of capturing Beckie and Ant's big day. We've been lucky enough to shoot a lot of weddings so there is not much we haven't seen or taken photographs of. However, this wedding was a day of firsts, starting with the groom prep…

The room Ant and his best men were getting ready in was very open plan. This meant that the bath was in full view so Ant suggested that all 3 stripped off and had a photo of them in said bath. Never being one to turn down a humorous photo opportunity, I shot it in a way that made it look like they were all totally naked. At this point, the best man’s wife came into the room and gave a puzzled, bewildered and somewhat resigned look, before walking back out without saying a word!

01 Beckie And Ant
02 Beckie And Ant
03 Beckie And Ant
04 Beckie And Ant
05 Beckie And Ant
06 Beckie And Ant
07 Beckie And Ant
08 Beckie And Ant
09 Beckie And Ant
10 Beckie And Ant
11 Beckie And Ant
12 Beckie And Ant
13 Beckie And Ant
14 Beckie And Ant

The ceremony was an intimate and very genuine affair. It also offered us the second 'first' of the day. The room where Beckie and Ant got married was lined with Lavender. The room smelt just like a summer's day! These little details expertly organised by Beckie punctuated the day and made the whole wedding very personal and individual.

The 3rd 'first' of the day came in the wedding portraits. Beckie and Ant had bought wellies especially to take advantage of the surroundings. Myself and Dave love creative portraits so we jumped at the chance to shoot the happy couple overlooking streams and hanging with the local sheep!

All in all, Beckie and Ant's day was an absolute belter and we were delighted to capture it. Myself and David wish them the very best in the future, which will undoubtedly be a happy one!