With stunning views and being yards from the beach, The Pegwell Bay Hotel in Ramsgate, Kent is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding in August - so what could go wrong? Well, torrential rain at 11am (!!) but the weather wasn't going to spoil proceedings. Liam and Sarah's preparations were full of the usual fun, frolics and nerves before heading to the ceremony.

Bride, Groom and guests needn't have worried. 15 minutes before the ceremony, the sky brightened, clouds dispersed and the sun shone giving Liam and Sarah the perfect outdoor wedding that they had wished for. During the ceremony, there was a lovely moment where Liam's son couldn't contain his emotion and started to cry. But just as everybody was getting worried, he simply said “it's ok, they are happy tears!”

Mate, me and Sarah have just looked through the photos and wow man, they are awesome! Thank you both so much! Thank you for getting our day perfect. The photos have made our day and we have told everyone we know. Thanks again guys!!!

Liam Greenwood

Another highlight of the day was the speeches. As you can imagine, being wedding photographers, we see a lot of great speeches, but when they are delivered with such authenticity and love, it's hard not to get emotional. The Greenwood speeches were exactly that: genuine and heartfelt words had everybody in the room reaching for the tissues.

What a privilege it was to capture Liam and Sarah's wedding day. Myself and David wish them all the very best for the future.

Some of our Favourite Moments

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