In whichever culture it happens to be, a wedding day is a beautiful thing. But if you combine the Christian and Hindu faiths you get an incredible mix of tradition, culture and vibrant colours…over 2 days! Luckily for us Hannah and Daim chose Sundance Wedding Photography to document their special event, and we couldn't wait to get shooting!

The first part of proceedings was the Hindu wedding. Despite weeks of nice weather, the evening was hit by gale force winds and rain meaning the party had to move from the gazebo to indoors. Rather than put a dampener on things, it proved to bring everybody together and the night was filled with joy, laughs and happiness!

After this was the traditional Christian church wedding. Luckily, this time, the weather gods were smiling down on Hannah and Daim with bright sun shining all day. The ceremony was held at the quaint St Martin's Church in Herne. It's great to document the ceremony in a church as the service is a lot longer than a civil ceremony. This gave myself and David the chance to get some wider shots that took in the church's stunning interior. Oh yeah, there was also a VIP ring bearer. The family dog (!!) so maybe that should be a “VID” ring bearer.

The wedding breakfast and evening festivities were held at The Marine Hotel in Whitstable. As it overlooks the Tankerton slopes, myself and David used the surrounding area for a few portraits of the couple. This is one of my favourite times of the day. The newlyweds have some time out from the craziness of the day and we can concentrate on creating some incredible photos that will be treasured for years to come. Perfect!

The rest of the day absolutely flew by! Before we said our goodbyes after the first dance, there was just enough time to use the orange and red sunset for a few more photos. Thanks Whitstable!

We had a great time shooting for Hannah and Daim and we wish them all the very best for their future together!

Some of our Favourite Moments

Hannah And Daim 001
Hannah And Daim 002
Hannah And Daim 003
Hannah And Daim 004
Hannah And Daim 005
Hannah And Daim 006
Hannah And Daim 007
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