The Cranstons

There's a huge amount of ways to get to the church on your wedding day. However, walking down the High Street with your kilt on and being delivered by a vintage VW was James and Catherine's idea of owning the entrance. They nailed it!

Wadhust Church was the lovely ceremony venue. A small gathering of friends and family looked on as the happy couple read out beautiful vows and had the longest first kiss I’ve ever seen!!! After the ceremony, the guests had been good enough to bring a shed load of confetti so in true Sundance style, we arranged the shot so that they got covered!

They’re amazing thank you so much, it’s been wonderful being able to look through these and relive the day!
And thank you again for being so wonderful on the day, you’ve taken beautiful photos!

Catherine and James

After some portraits in the church grounds it was off to the reception. Held at a family members house, this was no ordinary 2 up 2 down! Acres of land, a swimming pool and a permanent marquee meant Catherine and James could spend a relaxing Summer's evening enjoying the quaint surroundings. Perfect.

We had a great time capturing Catherine and James's wedding day. We wish them all the best for what is bound to be a happy future together.

Some of our Favourite Moments

01 Catherine And James
02 Catherine And James
03 Catherine And James
04 Catherine And James
05 Catherine And James
06 Catherine And James
07 Catherine And James
08 Catherine And James
09 Catherine And James
10 Catherine And James
11 Catherine And James
12 Catherine And James
13 Catherine And James