The Rhodes'

Here at Sundance Wedding Photography we love it when a wedding is as individual as the couple themselves. Jo and Tony ensured that their special day was very personal to them, and we were so pleased to capture it!

The day started with a mixture of nerves and excitement during bridal prep - but Jo was in great spirits as the ceremony got ever closer. The house was a constant buzz of people coming in and out. We often find that bridal prep is a balance of photographing the moments and not being in the way. This day was no different!

I couldn't wait for Tony. They look amazing, thank you soooooo much!

Jo Rhodes

The ceremony was held in a beautiful barn that Jo, Tony, friends and family lovingly prepared the night before. It was also only 50 yards away from bridal prep, so when Jo was all set - a short walk ensued before heading down the aisle to meet her husband-to-be.

During the ceremony, the first tears were shed from Jo. This would be a theme. During the emotional speech from her son and just before the first dance, Jo just couldn't hold the tears back. It was so lovely to see and document what the day meant to her.

When looking back on the photos from a wedding day, you can tell a lot from the amount of smiles and laughter on show. Pure joy cannot be photoshopped. This day was wall to wall delight and merriment and it was our pleasure to be a small part of it.

We wish Jo and Tony a lifetime of laughs, luck, joy and tears (happy ones!!!)

Some of our Favourite Moments

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