The Jacksons

We love shooting weddings. But we REALLY love shooting weddings that have the couple’s personality stamped all over them. Myself and David were truly honoured to photograph Phoebe and Simon's unique day in Ramsgate.

Quick tip - if you want to bring joy and smiles to people's faces, then take a walk around the town with your wedding dress on. Our portrait session took us to the fish and chip shop, the harbour arm, the jetty and of course the beach. There was also time to photograph the happy couple fishing on the way back to the venue!

I'm currently at home recovering from full wisdom tooth removal, and these photographs have cheered me up an absolute treat! They're amazing! You boys did so good, thank you so, so, so much!

Phoebe Jackson

The evening celebrations headed to the Pegwell Bay Hotel in Ramsgate where it was effectively an open mic night - in the best possible way. Simon is an amazing drummer so got on stage with his musician friends throughout the evening. It's takes some skill to successfully balance time on stage and getting to the bar at your own wedding! Phoebe is also a great singer but she preferred to stay away from the stage and party waaaayyy into the night. Who can blame her eh!?

Phoebe and Simon are an incredible couple and it was an absolute joy to capture their wedding. Myself and David wish them the absolute best in married life.

Some of our Favourite Moments

01 Phoebe And Simon
02 Phoebe And Simon
03 Phoebe And Simon
04 Phoebe And Simon
05 Phoebe And Simon
06 Phoebe And Simon
07 Phoebe And Simon
08 Phoebe And Simon
09 Phoebe And Simon
10 Phoebe And Simon
11 Phoebe And Simon
12 Phoebe And Simon
13 Phoebe And Simon
14 Phoebe And Simon
15 Phoebe And Simon