Here at Sundance Wedding Photography we've been lucky enough to photograph some super-stylish weddings, but Simon and Kristy took it to a new level! From the dress code to the table names, the Brylcreem to the Elvis impersonator, the 50's theme was pulled off to a T! They even stored the wedding rings inside a vintage Matchbox car! The day really epitomised their passion and love for a time gone by.

"Thanks for our photographs, they’re great! And thanks so much for both of your help on the day. Everyone said how amazing you were!"

Kristy Land

This seaside wedding also had the benefit of being held at the incredible < a href="" target="_blank">Dreamland in Margate, which meant that we had the opportunity to get some shots on the carousels, and include fairground attractions in some of our wider shots. I can honestly say that until this wedding we've never photographed group shots in a fairground stall. It was a day of firsts!

Above all of this however, bride and groom Kristy and Simon couldn't have been any happier. A more suited couple you couldn't wish to meet, and having friends, family and Elvis there to celebrate their big day made it all the more special. Simon even got up on stage with his ukulele to help play an incredible set with his band!

We wish Kristy and Simon all the very best for their future and thank them for having us as their wedding photographers on this great day.

Some of our Favourite Moments

Kristy And Simon 01
Kristy And Simon 02
Kristy And Simon 03
Kristy And Simon 04
Kristy And Simon 05
Kristy And Simon 06
Kristy And Simon 07
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