The Emmanuels

On a sweltering day in August, myself and David photographed one of our favourite weddings of the year. Take a bow Noel and Abi!

Held at the beautiful Preston Court, the happy couple used the quaint chapel on the grounds for the ceremony (held by the friendliest and funniest vicar of all time) before starting the Prosecco on the lawns! Alcohol and partying was very much a theme for the day - so much so that Noel and Abi wanted us to stay on to ensure we captured all the messiness that was to come. Considering it was a free bar, the guests were very well behaved! Except for the dance floor turning into a Gangnam Style flash mob - but we can forgive that!

Thanks so much for all the photos. They are AMAZING! I’ve not stopped looking through them all since you sent them.
You guys really did a fantastic job. Thank you for making us both feel so relaxed on the day. Thank you so so much.

Abi Emmanuel

To put into perspective how generous Noel was to everyone - he wouldn't take no for an answer to us doing a shot for the road with him. I was driving so donated to a happy David!

David and I wish Noel and Abi the very best of luck for their future together. It's sure to be one of happiness, laughter and joy.

Some of our Favourite Moments

01 Abi And Noel
02 Abi And Noel
03 Abi And Noel
04 Abi And Noel
05 Abi And Noel
06 Abi And Noel
07 Abi And Noel
08 Abi And Noel
09 Abi And Noel
10 Abi And Noel
11 Abi And Noel
12 Abi And Noel
13 Abi And Noel
14 Abi And Noel
15 Abi And Noel
16 Abi And Noel
17 Abi And Noel
18 Abi And Noel
19 Abi And Noel