The Thomas'

The amazing thing about shooting a wedding is that for a day, you get to know a whole family. When that family then bring in huge parts of their culture and tradition, the experience is even more special. I was on groom prep duty with Alex, his parents, best man and 2 uncles. The traditions that took place were a beautiful thing to witness and observing how the morning unfolded was an absolute privilege.

Whilst I was with Alex, David was with Shiny and her family and friends, capturing the bridal preparations and the last minute nerves before the church service in Harrow.

"Thank you very much Ben and David! The pics look phenomenal!"

Shiny and Alex Thomas

My favourite part of the whole day was the ritual of the groom's mother accepting Shiny into the family house. All family were gatherd round and was a moment of joy and celebration.

The reception was held at the lovely Marriot Hotel in Maida Vale, London, where we got shots of the speeches, songs, piano playing, food, traditional dances and video tributes. It was hectic!!! It was so much fun we totally forgot the time and missed a train!

A massive thankyou to Shiny, Alex and family who welcomed us into their lives for the big day. It was an absolute pleasure to capture it for you!

Some of our Favourite Moments

Shiny And Alex 01
Shiny And Alex 02
Shiny And Alex 03
Shiny And Alex 04
Shiny And Alex 05
Shiny And Alex 06