Gessica and Yanda's Engagement

What better place to propose to the love of your life than at the seaside during summer? With early evening approaching, the sun was low in the sky, giving everything a beautiful golden hue.

Gessica and Yanda had been living in Margate in Kent for the past couple of years, but with a big move to the city planned, Yanda was keen to make the most of the picturesque seascape for his big proposal.

"It was such a pleasure to work with you. You were so professional from the very first time we met, and you made us feel so comfortable and put our minds at ease throughout the whole process. Thank you so much!"

Gessica and Yanda

From the outset, Yanda was very clear that he wanted a collection of beautiful and natural photographs that they could both treasure for years to come. He also wanted some staged portraits within the collection.

The newly engaged couple were quite nervous at the start (naturally), but after a short while, they were just enjoying being together on the beach and almost forgot about the presence of a camera, which was perfect for capturing the beautiful and natural moments between the couple.

Some of our Favourite Moments

Gessica And Yanda 01
Gessica And Yanda 02
Gessica And Yanda 03
Gessica And Yanda 04
Gessica And Yanda 05
Gessica And Yanda 06