The Belseys

Some of the most incredible parts of the wedding day are minutes before the ceremony. From the groom sharing last minute jokes with the best man to the bride's quiet thoughts before her big entrance: these are amazing moments. For Andrew and Gaynor's wedding day, we were delighted to document it.

"Thanks very much for the photos! We're both really pleased!"

Andrew and Gaynor

The day started at Thanet's Aberdeen House registry office in Ramsgate, Kent, where Gaynor arrived in style in a well-worn Land Rover which had been with the couple for many years!

Despite it being a dreary day, the weather Gods gave Dave and I a small window of brilliant light just before te wedding breakfast. So we rushed Andrew and Gaynor outside to get a few nice shots. With the weather holding we also managed to get an album cover style group shot with the groomsmen. Bish bash bosh!!

You know you've had a good day when the first thing you want to do on arriving home, is to start editing the shots. This was a good day.

Some of our Favourite Moments

Gaynor And Andrew 01
Gaynor And Andrew 02
Gaynor And Andrew 03
Gaynor And Andrew 04
Gaynor And Andrew 05
Gaynor And Andrew 06