The Adams'

The morning preparations before a wedding really capture the true emotions of the couple; we’ve seen the butterflies, the tears, the laughter and the cool cucumbers. In this case, it was safe to say that the groom-to-be, Neil, was a little anxious… as the rest of the groom party were enjoying the morning sunshine with a beer in the beautiful setting of Judd’s Folly in Faversham, Neil told us “I’m a nervous wreck!!!!" Throughout groom prep, he calmed down just enough to take his place at the end of the aisle, and when seeing bride Kyla walk down to meet him, he just about held it together and they shared a truly lovely and heartfelt ceremony.

”Thank you both so much. You two were amazing on the day, and the photos speak for themselves!“

Neil Adams

There were so many things to love about being part of Kyla and Neil’s day: beautiful surroundings, great guests, brilliant speeches and a bright spring day all contributed. However, the best bit of the day was the couple themselves; you could not wish to meet a warmer and friendlier couple, so a big thank you to the newlyweds for choosing us to capture their big day.

When it was time to say our goodbyes we left the happy couple and their guests dancing away into the night…and boy could they dance!

Some of our Favourite Moments

Kyla And Neil 001
Kyla And Neil 002
Kyla And Neil 003
Kyla And Neil 004
Kyla And Neil 005
Kyla And Neil 006
Kyla And Neil 007
Kyla And Neil 008
Kyla And Neil 009
Kyla And Neil 010
Kyla And Neil 011
Kyla And Neil 012
Kyla And Neil 013
Kyla And Neil 014
Kyla And Neil 015