The Hemmings'

You couldn't say that Jay and Lucy Hemmings didn't take their time before deciding to get married; they've been together for 17 years! But after all those years, the time was right to get married, and what a day it was!

Jay and Lucy wanted a very intimate ceremony with just close friends and family in attendance. The amazing Preston Court (just outside Canterbury in Kent) was the chosen venue. Jay and Lucy got married on an island surrounded by lush greenery and perfect weather meaning the photos really 'popped'. Also (and to our delight!) there was no wind meaning the reflections from the lake were perfectly calm. As a wedding photographer, when you see this combination, you know it's going to be a great day!

After the quaint ceremony, myself and David walked the grounds with the newlyweds to shoot a few portraits. Due to Preston Court being so photogenic, a whole day wouldn't have been enough time to use all the nice spots, but the day isn't about us! So we let Jay and Lucy get back to their guests and prosecco!

Despite the ceremony being a small and intimate affair, the reception certainly wasn’t, with over 200 people in attendance! A highlight of the day was the groom's speech. Jay is a very conservative chap, and not many people see his emotional side. However, during his speech he was visibly struggling to get his words out due to the enormity of it all. This only served to bring the whole room together - it was a lovely moment to witness and capture.

We continued to document the day until after the first dance before myself and David said our goodbyes. It was an absolute pleasure to be a small part of Jay and Lucy's day and we would like to wish them the absolute best for the future. Here's to the next 17 years!

Some of our Favourite Moments

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