The Bowles'

My good pal and fellow Sundance photographer Ben got married! He doesn’t know I’m writing this blog, but it was such a beautiful day with so many wonderful moments that I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to share their big day with all of you!

”The photographs made me laugh, cry, and laugh again!“

Sarah Bowles (Ben wouldn’t admit that it was him that said this)

The day actually started the night before…Ben and I shared a hotel room (and a bed…I was the big spoon) whilst fiancé Sarah spent the night at home making last minute adjustments to the wedding dress that she made!!! Let me just add that this dress is one of the most stunning garments I have ever seen; she painstakingly sewed over 1800 diamante jewels individually onto the dress, and the answer is yes, it was absolutely worth all the effort!

During the morning, Ben and I got ready in a bit of a rush as he needed to shoot off to secretly deliver a bouquet of flowers to his bride-to-be before heading to the venue (The Smugglers in Birchington, Kent) to set everything up for the afternoon’s ceremony. Whilst he was there, I went round to see Sarah to capture her morning preparations. She looked absolutely stunning, and her cheeky daughter Jess was there to keep us laughing all morning.

The ceremony was beautiful and intimate (a little bit like mine and Ben’s relationship) and afterwards I whisked the newlyweds straight off for a little portrait shoot in Minnis Bay before the wedding breakfast and speeches.

It was a real pleasure and an absolute honour to be asked to photograph their big day, and I have a funny feeling that these two are going to have a lifetime of happy times ahead of them!

Some of my Favourite Moments

Sarah And Ben 01
Sarah And Ben 02
Sarah And Ben 03
Sarah And Ben 04
Sarah And Ben 05
Sarah And Ben 06
Sarah And Ben 07
Sarah And Ben 08
Sarah And Ben 09
Sarah And Ben 10
Sarah And Ben 11
Sarah And Ben 12
Sarah And Ben 13
Sarah And Ben 14
Sarah And Ben 15
Sarah And Ben 16